Steve Sechrest, COCOCOHome – Co-founder, Charlotte NC


Designed in Italy on  European hides averaging 50 feet, Brentwood is a full-bodied leather with a soft wax finish that exudes simple yet sophisticated elegance.  Brentwood will remind some of their favorite pair of boots, and for good reason.  Frye has made boots with Brentwood for years.

Dimensions of color and light pull up qualities throughout the hide provide subtle variations in depth to enhance this leather’s visual appeal. It is a truly classic leather that will upholster beautifully and develop a rich patina with time and with age.

You should expect significant variation in color from hide to hide and even within a hide, but the overall effect when upholstered is simply stunning.  The natural finish will reveal the character of the underlying animal including fat lines and healed scars

Brentwood  is  a robust leather made on European hides, so it is inherently durable.  It will provide many, many years of comfort and beauty.  This Leather will burnish and  mark with use.   A dogs nails, even a fingernail can leave a mark.  These marks are not scratches as they are only in the finish and can generally be rubbed out with the warmth of your finger or heat from a hairdryer on a hot setting.  However, life is short, so Brentwood is best used by customers who can embrace the patina that develops in the leather over time and appreciate the natural character of the leather.

Brentwood is a versatile leather that is well suited for contemporary or traditional pieces.  It is a relatively heavyweight so the break-in period may be longer than for some leathers.  If used on tufted pieces, we will sometimes have Moore & Giles mill the leather to soften it so we get a better tuft result.

Examples of Brentwood Leather

Steve Sechrest, COCOCOHome - Co-founder, Charlotte NC


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