COCOCO Leather Options

COCOCO Home leather options include a broad selection of aniline leathers from some of the best leather houses in the world. Each of our leathers has characteristics that may make it a great choice for your new furniture. We have access to an incredible array of leathers including additional colors, protected semi-anilines, embossed, hair-on hides, suedes, and nubucks so if you don’t see what you are looking for here, please give us a call.

Need Swatches? We invite you to call us so we can assist you in identifying the leather that appeals to your taste and lifestyle. In most cases we will be able to send you samples, if needed, to assist you in making your decision.

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Saloon is a semi-aniline leather with a natural distressed effect. Finished in Italy with state of the art technology and timeless craftsmanship, Saloon is an instant classic. Distinctive qualities include a smooth, silky hand and a gentle matte finish. Saloon is scratch resistant, easy to care for and will have minimal to no color variation from hide to hide. Great choice for an active household with kids or pets!

Need Swatches? We invite you to call us so we can assist you in identifying the leather that appeals to your taste and lifestyle. In most cases we will be able to send you samples, if needed, to assist you in making your decision.- 704 892 6680



Created from the finest selection of European hides, Perspective is a leather that represents luxury and sophistication.  Each hide is aniline dyed with rich colors and will display natural characteristics such as fat wrinkles.   Hides are given a slight protective polish which results in a soft, smooth and translucent finish that is resistant to marking.



Dante is a semi-aniline leather with a two-tone effect.  Dante combines a soft, buttery hand with a gentle tipping effect that blends in with the two-tone underneath.  This product has been designed to keep consitency in color and effect from lot to lot.



A superb heavy weight natural grain semi-aniline hide which has been slightly buffed and then given a waxy finishing coat – with a tipped effect this instant favorite has as much character as the region it was named after. The marvelous heavy weight will work superbly on traditional and contemporary furniture alike.



Florence, one of Conneaut Leather’s newest introductions, offers the beauty of a pure aniline-dyed leather with a protective Crypton coating, allowing it to be used with confidence in settings where other aniline leathers would fail. Each hide has a waxy, lightly distressed finish that gives it a casual, aged appearance and highlights the natural markings of an authentic leather. Florence is available in 10 timeless colors. Powered by Crypton, Florence is bleach cleanable and stain resistant. Environmentally friendly, Florence emits low VOC’s, contains no lead and is solvent free.




Matera is a distressed, oily pull-up leather that features a natural grain and a transparent look.  Matera highlights the hand crafted nature of upholstery with its aged appeal.



Tanned with waters from the Italian Alps, its soft oil tannage and paraffin wax finish expose the natural beauty of the English bull hide canvas. The Echo name reflects the vibrant pull-up effect of this versatile leather. When upholstered, the crisp, transparent surface will reveal the intense color that resonates below.



Moore & Giles’ classy Mont Blanc’s appeal lies in the harmony of its disparate qualities; a masculine facade balanced by a soft, drapey warmth that is revealed to the touch. Tanned in Northern Italy on English bull hides, this leather is reflects the heritage and artisanship of a tannery with generations of experience. It is a leather for and of the ages with a profound, rich color that flickers to the surface through the layers of finishing waxes like the warm flames of a fire roaring in a stone hearth. There are many more colors in Mont Blanc available. Call us!



Brompton represents a blending of today’s technology with the dedication and skill of Old World artisans from a one hundred fifty year old Italian tannery.  These natural leathers are produced on the finest hides available, then processed with pure water straight from the Italian alps. An innovative hot wax tannage technique highlights the natural tones and rich colors of this leather that will only be enhanced over time in both feel and appearance.



Produced in Italy for Moore & Giles, Berkshire leather is a wonderfully rich, soft, but rugged leather. This is the same leather from the same tannery as Brompton.  English bull hides are milled for 12 hours in a custom drum in Italy to simulate years of use and to impart the leather with a soft hand. A wax tannage offers bold highlights throughout the hide to enhance its genuine, worn-in aesthetic and ensure a rich pull-up when upholstered.



Pure – With a name that embodies the true essence of this leather, Pure is completely natural and is marked by its beautiful, visual aesthetic and distinctive luxuriously, soft hand. After the crust stage of tanning, oil is applied to the leather in the drum to fully penetrate and absorb into the hide. It is then milled overnight to mellow and soften the fibers further, continuing to enhance surface feel. A final process lightly burnishes and polished the leather to offer a less-is-more approach that exudes simple elegance.
Think Berkshire but with a more refined,smooth, hand and a more elegant and sophisticated look.



Stonewood is made on American Bison hides by Tasman leather which is the exclusive maker of leather and leather products made from the North American Bison herd.  Stonewood exudes a rustic authenticity with dramatic  high low effects and clarity showing the inherent beauty of the animal hide from which it is produced.



Storm is a stunning new offering from Moore & Giles. It is a nubuck suede hide that has had waxes and oils worked into the surface creating a rustic yet soft, worn visual and tactile effect. There is simply nothing else out there like it.




Cambridge is a COCOCO Exclusive leather created for the customer who appreciates  timeless beauty.  We import English Bull hides that have been tanned and aniline dyed in Italy, and then hand finished right here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains by craftsmen who painstakingly apply layers of finish to create an authentically antiqued patina.



Nuvobuk is an extraordinary finish that combines the softness and cleanability of a high end microfiber with the richness of leather.  Produced in Germany, Nuvobuk is made by laminating a super soft and cleanable microfiber to hides of rich supple leather.  The result is like nothing else.



This is a premium program where we make the furniture using a leather crust that has been dyed but not completely finished.  We then take the piece to the workshop of a true North Carolina artisan where using a series of processes the finish is applied by hand creating a one-of-a-kind vintage appeal.

This process can also be applied to select other leather offerings.


Hair-On Hides

Hair-on Hides are natural cowhides which preserve the fur of the cow.  We use only the finest Brazilian hides.  Patterns include natural colorations such as classic Holstein, Hereford, and Black Angus also found here in the US, as well as exotics such as brindled patterns more common in Brasil.  There are also screen printed hides designed to evoke other animals such as Zebra or Tigers or even geometrics.



We have access to some spectacular embossed leathers through our friends at Barbarossa Leather.  Barbarossa makes each of their embossed leathers in their own workshop where they do the embossing in any of dozens of patterns and then apply pigment by hand to create amazing effects.  Whether as an accent mixed with smooth leather or fabric, or covering the entire piece with the embossed leather, this is an opportunity to create one of a kind pieces that speak to, or for, you.

In most cases swatches will not be available outside of our showrooms but we will accommodate where we can and are always happy to send pictures.

See what Barbarossa can do here.