Steve Sechrest, COCOCOHome – Co-founder, Charlotte NC


Florence offers the beauty of a pure aniline-dyed leather produced here in the US by Conneaut leather.  Each hide has a waxy, lightly distressed finish that gives it a casual, aged appearance and highlights the natural markings of an authentic leather.  What makes Florence special is that while it has great natural character it is protected by a Crypton finish.  The Crypton process renders the leather impermeable so that it is stain resistant and cleanable.  You could even use household cleaners on it, although some soapy water works too.

Florence comes in a nice array of natural colors including a number of which were made especially for COCOCO.

The Crypton finish on Florence provides some resistance to marking, but Florence will still mark in an active household and develop its own unique character over time.  The primary purpose of the Crypton protection is to make the leather cleanable.  Body oils, food spills and such can be cleaned with soapy water or even with household cleaning products.

Powered by Crypton, Florence is bleach cleanable and stain resistant. Environmentally friendly, Florence emits low VOC’s, contains no lead and is solvent free

Florence is well suited for all frames including tufted pieces.

Examples of Florence Leather


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