Why are our couches so darn heavy?

Hint:  Because we make them from the best materials.

One of our customers recently told me about his delivery experience with COCOCO furniture pieces. When the delivery people showed up, they had just completed nine deliveries for a competitor of ours. The delivery guys finished installing our customer’s three-piece sectional, and as they were leaving they remarked to our customer that his COCOCO furniture weighed more than the other nine deliveries put together.

That was not the first time I had heard from delivery company people about the difference in weight of our pieces compared to competitors. Our delivery company delivers online orders for Mitchell Gold as well, but their delivery people were surprised at the weight of ours by comparison. Those comments got me thinking: Just why is our furniture so heavy?

Once I started looking closer, the answer became obvious. It is because we are building our furniture out of better materials.

THE FRAME: We build our frames out of 100% American Oak Plytanium plywood from Georgia-Pacific.  Oak is among the hardest of hardwoods, so this is the best quality available.  Moreover, we use at least 3/4″ thick sheets on all frames, some parts of the frame get 7/8″.  For the most part, our big-box competitors are using 1/2″ plywood for the frames, and many, such as RH, are using Russian birch instead of oak. Birch is nominally a hardwood, but it is not as hard or as heavy as oak. Our stout frames are also carefully engineered to be structurally sound, which adds to the weight. We don’t cut corners here.

THE SUPPORT: Our signature pocketed coil spring system provides the best combination of comfort and support on the market. As you can imagine, having as many as 160 springs per seat ends up adding weight when compared to our competitors using “no sag” springs. For comparison, a drop-in unit like RH uses that might only have nine springs per seat. That’s a 151 spring difference per seat. See a side-by-side comparison of one of our chesterfield sofas with Restoration Hardware’s chesterfield.

THE SEAT CUSHIONS: Our seat cushions are created from a 21 lb Ultracel foam core, a very high-density foam. Then the Ultracel is covered in a super soft oscillated foam topper and wrapped with a layer of down. There’s no higher quality cushion out there, it’s as good as it gets.  For comparison, RH uses an 18 lb standard foam core cushion.

THE PILLOWS: Similarly, our back pillows are actually heavy.  While many big-box stores will offer a lightweight dacron fiber polyester pillow with an available down fill upgrade, we start with down fill and offer an upgrade to a heavier microfiber denier fill we call Trillium.  Trillium is heavy like down, and sits very much like down, but is far more resilient and will require less fluffing and hold its shape much better than down. In this case, synthetic is actually a better option than down.


Click to see a video of the the inside of

our couches vs. Restoration Hardware’s


We do our very best to create sturdy, comfortable furniture that will stand the test of time and that starts with quality materials. Read another comparison example of an RH Lancaster sofa to the COCOCO Lexington here.



Patti Borrelli, COCOCOHome - Designer, Charlotte NC


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