Lulu Linen

Do you love natural fabric furniture but can’t stand to clean it? Lulu Linen is woven for COCOCO by a specialty fabric mill from 100% linen yarns.  At 18 oz per yard, Lulu Linen is a robust, heavyweight fabric that will withstand an active household.  This is especially true because it has been treated to be hydrophobic. Hydrophobic fabric will force liquids to bead up on its surface, so you can grab a cloth and soak up liquid before it has a chance to stain. The hydrophobic nature of Lulu Linen makes this fabric very stain-resistant and cleanable. Even better, the protective finish does not wear off and does not affect the silky feel of the linen. Lulu is a lovely neutral color called “Classic,” a color and texture well-suited to a variety of styles and homes. Lulu Linen in “Classic” has a pleasing weave mixing ecru (unbleached linen) and flax tones with a slightly slubby texture.



This is a fantastic choice for families who enjoy the feel of a fabric but want one that will stand the test of time. With a performance linen like Lulu, fabric furniture has a lot more life. See images of Lulu Linen on real furniture pieces by COCOCO below.

Examples of Lulu Linen



We are a family owned, custom upholstered furniture maker in North Carolina, offering up to date styles, and our chesterfield sofas. We are passionate about our furniture, which we like to think shines through in our work. COCOCO Home provides a unique shopping experience when compared to high-end furniture stores, offering custom leather or fabric furniture. Oh, and with the fastest lead time in the business.

Patti Borrelli, COCOCOHome - Designer, Charlotte NC


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