Where can you buy a (really) long sofa?

Steve Sechrest, COCOCOHome – Co-founder, Charlotte NC

Hint:  We make some really long couches.

Restoration Hardware makes some really long sofas and has been an important influencer in the trend towards XL Couches, but no one makes as many variation of XL sofas as does COCOCO.  Our production model allows us to increment most of our furniture styles  to the point where, not only can we make our Couch styles in many more lengths than can most of our competitors, but we can also make them longer.  How Long?

By way of example, we have made some of our Chesterfields in lengths that are clearly not going into an apartment.

Our Classic Chesterfield is probably our most popular style for customers looking for a really long, oversized sofa. Wehave made them in lengths as long as 157″ and we stand ready to go longer. Comparing the RH Kensington to our Classic Chesterfield, they have done a 163″ long version which is 6″ longer than we have made our flagship Chesterfield, but then they only make theirs in a few lengths and we make ours in 6″ increments. They jump from 120″ all the way to 163″ while we do a 118″, 123″, 129″, 134″, 139″ 145″, 151″, 157″ and 163″ so clearly we offer the widest selection of oversized chesterfields.

Our Classic Chesterfield is not the only Chesterfield we can make in an oversized tufted couch.  We can also make our Chelsea Chesterfield with a tufted seat in a very long sofa.  Our Chelsea should be compared to the RH Cambridge Collection  and we think it compares favorable as you can see in this earlier post making that comparison or watch the video version.  

In fact all of our Chesterfields can be done in long sofa formats including the Biltmore Chesterfield and the Traditional Chesterfield.

It is not just our classic button  tufted sofas that can me made into oversized sofas.  Many of our styles can be a very long couch.  For example our Monroe and Lexington Styles.  

Our English Arm and Dilworth styles can also be made into extra long, oversized sofas.

Our Arden, Belmont, and Clark styles all share a frame, and each of those can be made into long, oversized sofas.  

We have had customers asking for years to make an English Arm Sleeper sofa and we are finally getting around to making one.  The frame is super stout while keeping the elegance of our English Arm sofa collection.  It will be 88″ x 42″ for a Queen Sleeper and will be available as a tight back or a pillow back.  I am particularly excited about the tight back version as I think that will provide a perfect “headboard” when the sleeper unit is deployed.


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