Where can you buy a (really) long sofa?


As homes expand, and dreamers dream, extra-long sofas are an up-and-coming trend in living rooms these days. When most movie theaters are converting to a recliner-style seat, it’s no wonder we are seeing this move at the home as well. This may be due to the increasing trend of open-concept living, with wider open spaces in the home. One thing is for sure: everybody likes more space. The longer sofa style speaks to an elegance, decadence, even.

An extra long sofa would be considered a couch with an overall length over 100 inches. More and more of our customers are seeking a couch 100+ inches long. Why? It allows for a better home viewing experience for families, as well as more comfortable entertaining. Realistically, the average 88-inch sofa is considered a 2.5 seater. There are three back pillows but only two people can comfortable sit on the sofa, as most people don’t necessarily want to touch others for an entire movie or party. With a long sofa, homeowners can entertain larger groups, or get a cleaner look than having multiple sofas in a space. It’s the perfect choice if you have a narrow but long living room, or a large open space. Restoration Hardware makes some really long sofas and has been an important influencer in the trend toward XL Couches, but no one makes as many variations of XL sofas as COCOCOHome. Not only can we make our sofas in more length options, but we can also make them longer. Our production model allows us to scale sofas in a large variety of ways, allowing you to get the perfect fit you need for your home or business.



Our Classic Chesterfield is probably our most popular style for customers looking for a really long, oversized sofa. We have made them in lengths as long as 157″ and we stand ready to go longer! These are great for larger homes or businesses looking for ample seating. The RH Kensington is a comparable long sofa model to our Classic Chesterfield. Restoration Hardware has done a 163″ long version, which is 6″ longer than we have made our flagship Chesterfield, but they only make theirs in a few lengths, jumping from 120″ all the way to 163″. That’s a pretty big difference. COCOCOHome makes XL sofas in 6″ increments: 118″, 123″, 129″, 134″, 139″ 145″, 151″, 157″ and 163,” giving our customers the widest selection of oversized chesterfields and the best fit possible.
Our Classic Chesterfield is not the only Chesterfield we can make in an oversized tufted couch.  We can also make our Chelsea Chesterfield with a gorgeous tufted seat in a very long sofa. Our Chelsea is akin to the RH Cambridge Collection and we think it compares favorably as you can see in this earlier post making that comparison, or watch the video version.
In fact, all of our Chesterfields can be done in long sofa formats, including the Biltmore Chesterfield (L) which has a beautiful downward slope to the arm, a higher back and a radius corner. We also often do the Traditional Chesterfield (R) in a long sofa. The Traditional Chesterfield has a lower front rail than our Classic, but shares the same squared-out frame.


It is not just our classic button-tufted sofas like the chesterfield that can be made into oversized sofas.  Many of our styles can be a very long couch.  For example, our Lexington (L) which is similar to RH’s Lancaster model, and the Studio Lexington (not pictured) which has a smaller rolled arm. Below is a photo of the Matthews (R), which is similar to the Monroe in overall shape, but the “T” back cushion gives it a more traditional feel. 

Our English Arm (L) and Dilworth (R) styles can also be made into extra long, oversized, XL sofas (pictured below). The English Arm sofa pictured below is 113″ x 46″, a deep and wide configuration in a luxe velvet, Cannes “Aubergine.” Our Dilworth style only comes in one depth, 38 inches, and here is pictured at 134 inches long. 


The Monroe (Left) is easily one of our most popular styles, with its clean, easy lines, wide-track arms and low, block legs. It tends to suit a wide variety of interior design styles. Like many simply designed contemporary furniture pieces today, it has a sort of timeless feel to it, working easily in both traditional settings as well as industrial or mid-century homes. We can do the Monroe in an extra long sofa, as well as the Landis (Center, pictured at 100″ x 40″), Vale (Right, pictured at 121″ x 35″ with Quinn metal brushed legs) and more contemporary styles. With COCOCOHome, you have a LOT of options. 

Extra Long 100" Belmont Sofa with Angelo Legs
121" x 35" Clark sofa

Extra Long Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Our Arden (L), Belmont (Center), and Clark (R) styles all share a frame, and each of those can be made into long, oversized sofas. Through our website, you can order one of these styles at 86″, 93″, 100″, 107″, 114″ and 121″. With this mid-century style, you could design a sofa up to 163″! We also offer multiple seating depths as well as leg options. You can’t get that level of customization at Article or even Interior Define.

Extra Long 100" Belmont Sofa with Angelo Legs
121" x 35" Clark sofa


That really depends on your space. These are not apartment sofas or a couch you’ll want to bring up a small stairwell. Long sofas work best in spaces that have a straight shot in through the door, a wide door, or tall ceilings. If you don’t have any of those but still love the long look, we could modify the sofa into a more modular piece.

Are you thinking of buying a longer sofa but aren’t sure where to start? Do you need a longer length than what is available on the website? Do you want a long sofa but aren’t sure it will work in your home? Give us a call at 704-892-6680 or come into one of our three showroom locations in Charlotte, Atlanta, or Nashville. You’ll receive free, one-on-one design support from a real human being. We’ll help you find the right size, material, and model that will work for your needs.

Patti Borrelli, COCOCOHome - Designer, Charlotte NC


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