Arden Hair-on-Hide Chair

Arden Hair-on-Hide Chair

Arden Hair-on-Hide Chair

To be honest, our Arden Untufted Hair-on-Hide Chair is difficult to describe. A mid-century modern work of art comes to mind, yet still doesn’t do it justice. Crafted in your choice of three lengths; 37”, 44” and 51”; this is not your average piece of accent furniture. It’s frame-worthy. Standard, Houser and Custom nailhead patterns allow you to personalize virtually every facet of this chair. Why settle for anything less than breathtaking? You don’t have to.

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Starting From: $1,799.00$2,100.00


Overall Height: 29″
Seat Height: 17.5″
Overall Depths: 35″ 38″
Seat Depths: 22.5″ 25.5″
Arm Width: 7″

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  • We offer other custom legs. Give us a call, we will assist you. 

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