Sundance is an Italian waxed pull-up leather from Cortina Leathers.  Cortina Leathers is an American company (formerly known as Conneaut Leather) created in 1903. We are showing Cortina’s Sundance in two colors: Rustic and Cognac. Rustic is a rich, dark brown with a lighter chocolate burst.  Cognac is a mid-tone brown with just a hint of redness, and a wonderful burst of color.  As all aniline leathers, Sundance will evolve over time as it wears in developing its own unique patina in the process.  It has a satiny hand that is unusual for pull-up leather, which often come off as overly waxed. If you love the look of Brompton leather but are put off by the stiffness that comes with 12 layers of wax, Sundance is a great alternative.

The Sundance line is an excellent choice for those who appreciate leather for its natural character.  With a double oil treatment, it has plenty of clarity in the finish and will showcase the natural qualities of the hides on which it is made. As always with natural leather, you should expect to see variation in shade from hide to hide, and even within each hide. Simply beautiful. As you can see below, Sundance leather is well-suited for all frames, but especially shines on tufted pieces. For more on natural aniline leathers, check out our article on what to expect from aniline leathers. 

Additionally, Sundance is lead-free and environmentally-friendly with low VOC levels, and Sundance has achieved an Indoor Gold Advantage certificate from SCS.

Examples of Sundance Leather

Patti Borrelli, COCOCOHome - Designer, Charlotte NC


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