What Sets us Apart?

Steve Sechrest, COCOCOHome – Co-founder, Charlotte NC

“What sets us apart from our competition?” We get that question pretty regularly and the answer is always, at least in part, that we are a North Carolina furniture manufacturer and they are simply not. The best manufacturers in the country call North Carolina Home.  To be sure, there are a number of large retailers who buy furniture from other quality furniture makers based in and around Hickory, North Carolina, but none of them have the same relationship with the furniture they sell.  We make what we sell, they don’t.  Crate and Barrel and Arhaus, to name a couple, buy from McCreary and Lee industries, just around the corner.

On the other hand, some retailers like Restoration Hardware, buy most of their product from a Chinese manufacturer. Just about all of our “online” competition falls into the category of furniture retailers not high end furniture manufacturers. They may claim to make their furniture,  but the story is the same. We are a handmade furniture maker, they have a website.

It certainly would be simpler to buy furniture from someone else, but that would change who we are. We would not be a custom furniture maker, just a seller. We would not be able to offer our customers anywhere near the variety of options in styles, sizes or finishes. In this respect we have more in common with luxury furniture makers, such as Hickory Chair Company or Baker Furniture, which are both North Carolina wholesale furniture companies, and two of the best furniture makers. But as wholesale furniture manufacturers they do not have the connection to the end user that we do. We manufacture furniture for actual people, not for stores or corporations.

We also manufacture, start to finish, in the United States. Many companies make their furniture in other countries and only complete the last finishing touches in the US. When you buy from COCOCO your furniture doesn’t leave North Carolina until it’s being shipped directly to you.

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